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Noun; to produce a filthy shit. Usually, doop doop has a mudlike consistency and creates the sensation of swamp ass (SEE: Swamp Ass) A doop doop, when smeared on the toilet bowl, can be called "painting the town brown."
"Oh man, my insane buddy Harper made a violent doop doop in his pants and the smell pretty much ruined the party.
by Jon Beech August 28, 2006
Expression of feeling: making a beer pong shot, getting touch, sick bong hits, seeing some cooter, kickin it with the bros.
(Person #1 makes an impressive and high-degree of difficulty beer pong shot)-Doop Doop!

(Person #2 is gettin some nice dome in a movie theater)-Doop Doop!

(Person #3 spies a hot young thang walkin by with a ghetto booty)-DOOP DOOP!!
by King Dooper October 19, 2009
To have a bowel movement. The p in poop has been flipped around to form doop.

doop = poop

Only funny, cute people use this word.
"Oh, you gotta get home to take a doop doop?"

"Pull over, I need to doop doop."
by MellyMelMel January 14, 2009
The act of oral sex performed on a male by a female.
Micah woke up in the morning to a very fine doop doop.

Her head was bobbing up and down -- doop, doop, doop, doop...
by Robby E. February 16, 2007
pussy, the female reproductive organ!
i can see her doop doop
by roustarandilicious July 15, 2005
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