Title of the season two finale of the new series of doctor who

features the exit of billie piper as rose tyler.

the saddest episode in the history of tv according to fans, it's mentions sends them into tears.
"i wrote a reunion fic for doomsday"
"when you watch doomsday,make sure you have tissues handy"
"i have seen doomsday 30 times"
"im watching doomsday fanvids"
by okelay August 31, 2006
Top Definition
The day the world explodes, freezes over, burns, is zapped, poisoned, taken over, or otherwise rendered uninhabitable.
Today is doomsday. And if not, tomorrow. And if not, the next day...
by Darius July 15, 2003
According to the Christian beliefs, the day of final judgment. The final destruction or dissolution of the world. The same as "fate day".
Many people believe that the doomsday will be soon.
by Dino March 13, 2005
The day when a student is forced to face his worst fear, a midterm or god-forbid a Final.

Also written as D00ms Day.
See Dooms Week
"Good luck on Dooms Day, dude!"
by Darkmasterchief December 06, 2007
Monster that killed superman.
Doomsday dvd will be released next year.
by Adrian September 30, 2006
A time of retribution visited against vandals, specifically in reference to bathroom tissue, whereas said bathroom tissue is the matter of dispute between height of trees and length of ladders.
Dude, my house got TP'd last night. I've got 40 ft trees and 30 ft ladders. If I catch who did it...doomsday.
by J Face May 19, 2009
When your favorite band breaks up.
Friend1:"Dude! Goodnight Nurse broke up!"
Friend2:"Man, this is a crappy Doomsday."
by K3wl55 K@7D:< June 06, 2010
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