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n - The act of discreetly enjoying an alcoholic beverage, usually liquor and soft drink, during daytime/working hours.
"I hate mondays."

"Wanna do a little doogans?"

"It's noon."

"Don't be a pussy Terrance, give me your Dr. Pepper."
by Cornwallis Jones January 08, 2009
a fat, dense, Jurassic piece of feces. Always sinks straight to the bottom and often leaves streaks on your toilet basin.
oh snaps, that steak sandwich I just ate is going to be a vicious doogan.
by Cod July 17, 2006
A penis, male reproductive organ.
His doogan was hanging out of his pants at the restaurant.
by Rob-o October 07, 2005
another word for crap.
whoa! look at that doogan alyssa left in the toilet.
by Megan Danae February 09, 2008
A doogan is a fat joint or blunt.
who's down to puff this next doogan?

oh shit, not much, we were just smoking doogans all day.

by VonDoogan December 15, 2009
This versatile word would require an entire dictionary for itself to accurately describe all of its many meanings and uses.
"What up doogan?"
"Not much, just doogan' it."

"My doogan ate my homework."

"Suck my doogan, bitch!"

"You're making a doogan out of a molehill."

"I just dropped a 15-inch doogan."
"What the doogan?! That can't be healthy!"

"I hope you're raped in public by a pack of savage doogans."

"Let's stop at Dunkin Doogans for a cup of joe."
by Chris McCabe June 21, 2005
The real definition of a 'doogan' is actually an elephant's vagina. Again, the vagina of an elephant is a doogan. Forget the rest of these definitions. Never forget this!
You're a doogan.
by jzdee July 10, 2008