A poor character in the story "The Scarlet Ibis", a thrilling story that everyone should read. He is a handicaped guy who died because of his brother
What a pity! Doodle died.
by Trang Nguyen March 19, 2006
The state of being Doodley. Being of a curved, or twirly nature; being silly; being a goof-ball. Can also refer to a cute animal.
"Wow, you are such a Doodle!"

"Aww! Come here you little Doodle!!"
by mrinnuendo July 21, 2008
Another name for an underachiever. Usually of the whining variety. These losers have a skewed view of reality and think for some reason that their value, skills and/or abilities are far superior to others, when realistically, it is quite the contrary. This warped sense of reality usually leads to a fixation on the past and reliving the "Glory Days."
When is Larry going to realize that he is nothing more than a Doodle?

Even after losing two years straight Larry still refers to himself as "The Champ," What a Doodle!
by Paris Frillzmin January 08, 2012
Another word for 'diarrhea'.
OMC! Not the doodles again!?
by pastamaster101 July 31, 2010
The accidental pooping of one's pants.
I was so drunk that I doodled myself.
by Dickbird November 01, 2006
1. A girl who has long curly hair that looks like a poodle. Most of the time she is taunted and the word doodle is used as an inappropriate name to call her. Normally, the taunting also includes her hair being fondled by these "so called friends", which no she doesn't like because then it makes her hair frizzy. She doesn't normally like when she is referred to as doodle because then it is like your calling her a dog or a penis, neither of which are particularly good definitions of her true character/personality.

2. Penis. That is pretty self-explanatory.

3. To draw, or write randomly on your paper when you are bored in class and don't want to listen to your dumb teacher talk about absolutely nothing like he/she does everyday.
1. Oh doodle, every time you smile you make my day better.
2. That girl so wants his doodle in her mouth, just look at the way she is eyeing it!
3. Mrs. Edmonds class was so boring today that I just doodled the whole time.
by BJOB123456789 February 08, 2010
a name you call someone when you have nothing else to call them.
it is also a small object that is nothing
Hey Andy, your such a doodle.

Do you have any spare doodles i can borrow?
by Ariella K July 10, 2008
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