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Slang term refering to an ounce of cocain. Its refered to as a donut because of the "O" shape, signifying the "O" in the word ounce.
Yo cuz, I got a G, meet me on 5th and Berks with a donut.
by NJ Finest July 24, 2006
a word to disrespe¢t sum1 of the Folk Nation
dat donut pussy b/¢ he ¢hill w/ dem ckrab ni55az
by dat 9 tre ni55a November 05, 2005
An incorrect way of spelling doughnut, a food made primarily out of dough.
"hey man, could you pass me the entire box of donuts? - I need more than one donut to sustain my obesity."
by Andy Daemon January 16, 2008
A stupid asshole like a Poofer's shit.
You's a fucking donut!
by Chew my fat August 05, 2006
Sales slang term meaning to not have any sales for the day.
Better get one on the board, yo! Warden is in a mood and is going to use his outside voice when he sees your donut!
by Some Yahoo September 17, 2004
the little rubber seal on the bowl for your bong. its seals the downstem to the bowl allowing for good flow through the bowl.
The donut for my bong dryed out and broke, so i had to replace it. now my bong hits fat
by john12343 April 24, 2006
adj.: being in an obese state, fat, or Ryan Chan from San Francisco
"Man, that dude is HELLA donut!!"
by Jim Bob June 21, 2004