Slang term for Blowjob in Buies Creek NC
Guy 1: ill be back later guys
Guy 2: go get them donuts!
Guy 1: Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh dawg
by DallasTexas September 14, 2011
1. to have soft balls.
2. tire-shaped deliciousness.
Sally: "i kicked him so hard i think he has donuts now."
by sillygirl2342343 June 07, 2010
When your ass is not properly wiped, u get a red ring around your cornhole. It can be extremely painful, or bleed, which would b a jelly donut.
Man i didn't wipe enough, now i got a donut.
by Josh Margareet November 14, 2008
A derogatory term twords African Americans or hood rats (gangstas. Reason they are called donuts, the cops are always after them.
That donut is being chased by the cops again.
by Billy Joel King Rodny June 27, 2007
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