the little rubber seal on the bowl for your bong. its seals the downstem to the bowl allowing for good flow through the bowl.
The donut for my bong dryed out and broke, so i had to replace it. now my bong hits fat
by john12343 April 24, 2006
when a surfer wipes out really bad.
can lead to another tangent,like: bundt cake,little debbies,etc...
oh bra' that guy just got donuts on that closeout.he got a dozen.
by doodoosurf April 19, 2006
Even though donut is the wrong spelling and only a moron would spell it that way... a doughnut is a dis to GD's (Gangster Disciples) of the FOLKS nation. It comes from the D in Disciple, where Glazed Doughnut would be a GD. 5poppin 6droppin
I shot that donut in the face.
by dcstiles September 28, 2006
This man's enormous penis.
That guy has a fucking donut!
by lich707 October 29, 2004
Crap. They usually taste like the aforementioned word. They are dough rings deep fried in fat and them topped with some sort of sweet ingredient like glaze or sugar. I hate donuts. Then again, they are preyed on upon many girls making them pretty damned plump so I guess they're no all that bad... :3
Eaten also by master genius Homer Simpson.
-"God, I HATE donuts!"
*Fat girl eats donut*
"Wait wait, nm..." :3

-Homer wouldn't be half as funny if he weren't so desperate fo donuts.
by nikkan_hanil December 13, 2003
Secret code word for marijuana. Oftentimes used when within an earshot of a nark such as a parental unit or n00b.
Dude, are we gonna partake in the donuts tonight?
by Eyeballflyball July 08, 2003
Hawaiian for black eyes (as in from being hit in the eye).
Brah, you want I give you one donut!
by Larry January 01, 2004

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