Top Definition
a fine ass gurl with no wrongs. big ass booty and boobies. you can define her as you perfect dream girl.
raven simon
by curly#23 March 17, 2003
a sexy azz girl that loves attention and is smart as a wiz, also looking for a man a.s.a.p, those of you who know her know that she is a beautiful person and shines bright
everyone loves her
by dontera March 16, 2003
A beautiful black female also ingenious, attractive and an surreptitiously freaky
I got love for her and she know i'll be here when she need me
by Randy March 17, 2003
the most conceeded lil girl i know..but thats why u got to lov her she is my favorite lil freak holla at ya md. white boy
james is sexy---so is dontera
by *~james~* March 17, 2003
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