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What that guy at the University of Florida said to the police when they tried to tase him.

Dont tase me bro!!!!!!!!!!
by holly the ginger kid. September 27, 2007
Famous utterance of University of Florida student Andrew Meyer, who was tasered and arrested by the illustrious UF police department after either:

a. Merely asking some legitimate questions to Senator and former Presidential Candidate John Kerry

b. Engineering a scene for publicity

Whether you believe it was "a" or "b" will likely vary with your age, political persuasion, and belief in the necessity of genuine political discourse.
As Meyer fought the officers on the ground, they threatened to taser him. Meyer stated that if allowed up, he would leave. The officer replied that he does not have that option. Meyer yelled,"Don't tase me bro, don't tase me", but was drive stunned shortly after. -one account of the incident
by mrpotty September 19, 2007
The hip thing to say after resisting arrest
Owww! Owwwwwwwwww! What did I do?! Stop it! Don't tase me bro! Don't tase me!
by lolwutwutwut September 22, 2007
Something that you might say to the police before getting tased, whether or not you are already subdued and under police control. (From statement made by University of Florida student Andrew Meyer during a September 17, 2007, question and answer session with United States Senator John Kerry.)
"What did I do? What did I do? Help me! Don't tase me bro!" <zap>
by Big Steve September 18, 2007
Andrew Meyer's catch-phrase.
In the event of police brutality, scream "Don't Tase Me Bro!"
by glindabatgirl September 22, 2007
an invitation to be tased
"Get the fuck off me, man! I didn't do anything! ... Don't tase me bro!"
by Clownboat October 14, 2007
A phrase spouted by punk-ass n00bs who can't back up their insolent behavior right before they get a tazer to their dome.
stupid n00b: don't tase me bro!


stupid n00b: (screamed in a girly voice) arrghhhhhh!
by MJMizzle September 18, 2007
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