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1. The mechanized helicopter flown by Bowser, King of the Koopas.

2. An insult.
1. Damn, I wonder what the Princess was doing when she popped out of Bowser's clownboat.

2. You are such a goddamn clownboat.
by Clownboat May 09, 2004
an invitation to be tased
"Get the fuck off me, man! I didn't do anything! ... Don't tase me bro!"
by Clownboat October 14, 2007
A program of varying length wherein high school or college students practice marching and the playing of musical instruments. Activities include instruction, drills, and lots of hot geek sex.
Sally got her instrument thoroughly tuned by the director at band camp.
by Clownboat June 20, 2005
A large, land-based, four-wheeled vehicle in Unreal Tournament 2004. It seats one driver and four turret gunmen, and may be transformed into a stationary ion cannon. Players can "fly" the Leviathan by properly aligning a Raptor next to it and then switching to ion cannon mode.
Bitchwhore, stop flying the Leviathan!
by Clownboat April 28, 2004

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