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A ridiculously funny person.

This originates from Donncha Coleman, an amateur comedian whose catchphrase was "is this some kind of sick joke?" The name itself is Irish for "Dennis".
"You're a bit of a donncha".
by The Brown Recluse February 01, 2008
a mythical creature whos origions come from from deep within the mysterious celtic "Deekayus" clan, Similar to a horse (quite the exceptional ride). Known to have mastered the art of "shiftin" or "meetin". Rumoured to be a big fan of DFS (Drinkin, fightin, schmokin) survives on a diet of the world reknowned mythical tonic of life known as "buckie" and the french delicasy of beans upon toasht-which, obviously makes him "hard". Very loyal creature who is currently only "3/4's cool" -Due to lack of one alloy wheel causing an imbalance in his stance.. It is rumoured that only a kick to the back a the ballsack can kill this beasht. Often mistaken for a popular pussycat dolls song. or the famous Donner kebab.
Joyce- "Is mise Donncha Carney, is tá mé i gconaí i gCaislean a Bharraigh."
by bfinnegan December 12, 2010
donncha is commonly used to describe the mood or way of behaviour of the male genital, usually associated with the touching of a penis when it is ridicliously small and bent.
Look and his penis it looks like donncha!
my penis is disgusting its in a donncha kinda mood.
by Julez Jahan July 05, 2007
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