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word describing how much you(or other person)suck after having the upperhand on an opponent and then failing miserably.
Common word used over xbox live games (Halo2, Gears Of War, GRAW, etc and occasionally WLM


Zer0 Chaos: Oh man how can you miss with the rocket

J x Reborn: Donkskill

X Donk X: :(

#suck #pwned #skillz #skill #ryeskill
by Untouchable J November 16, 2006
Something that requires little or no effort, and can be done by anyone at any time.
Also known as luck.
WOW Did you see that Headshot that was DonkSKiLL
#donk #skill #donksta #donkskill #rubbishathalo
by Zr0x November 17, 2006
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