A ninja based character in the borderlands 2 game used as the assassin class known for dealing large amounts of critical hit damage especially when using a sniper rifle. Often speaks in haiku. His Special ability is called D3c3pti0n, which sends out a hologram to confuse enemies.
How hilarious. / You just set off my trap card -- / Your death approaches. ~Zer0

Sorry, did that hurt? / That "sorry" was sarcasm. / I am not sorry. ~Zer0

1 critical shot with deception has earned me an over 3 million damamge shot using Zer0's sniper skill tree
by tehfurrydj January 23, 2013
The act of not having the brains to think of a name. Therefor making a name out of a number, typically used by prostitutes and weird people.
he didnt know what else to use so he made a Zer0
by nolmel November 26, 2011

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