To Use Your Knuckles To Knock Someone On The Top Of Their Head Really Hard.
Joey was talkin shit, so i donkey konged that nigga in class. He started crying.
by Robocop2489 May 05, 2009
Donkey Kong is a party game where groups of individuals attempt to charge up a staircase while the "Donkey Kong" at the top tosses kegs at them in an attempt to slow their progress.
Cody: "Jeez Jim, what happened to your arm there?"

Jim: "I broke it last night when me and my friends got shitfaced and played a couple rounds of Donkey Kong."
by Cody Cheesebrough June 18, 2008
When a female and/or male roughly plays with your cock through your pants and/or underwear
we were watching superbad and she was basically playing donkey kong with my dick...
by elfeicho August 23, 2009
An alcoholic beverage consisiting of one part vodka, one part sprite soda, and one part orange juice
Nigga this Donkey Kong is some good shit!
by drunkenARMY January 06, 2009
a unit of dry measurement approximately equal to one cup.
Hey Mario, how much flour does this recipe call for?
- About 2 donkey kongs, but don't use too much!
by A big fan of Donkey Kong... April 13, 2011
1: The best ape you'll ever know! a Monkey repesentaion of Roy Koopa

2: To do a girl from behind, but, when she is about to orgasm, smash a big barrel on her head, making the orgasm better and instantly

3: to be strong enough for the biggest bully to surrender to a teabag
1: DK: Two words. BANANA! SLAMMA!
King K Rool: AAHH!

Diddy: *mumbles* this trick is going to make my day!
Dixie: Here it, ungh, comes!
Diddy: DONKEY KONG! *smashes a barrel* I AM THE MASTA! WHOOOO!


DK: Hey, you!
Bully: Hey, U.O.I! Pay up:
DK: You must know this! BANANA SLAMMA!
*T-Bags the Bully*
by your best idiot April 05, 2010
To beat down somebody using a downward thrust of the fists. 1.An EXTREME beat down 2. Also a dance replicates the thrusting movements.
Guy 1: He was talkin' shit so I'ma Donkey Kong that foo!
Guy 2: Oh snaps he's about to bring that donkey Kong homie!

by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008

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