Really big piece of weed
Yo JJ, break up that 4 oz donkey dick so weez can smokes sum.
by JAY June 29, 2004
A 12 to 14 inch piece of Polish Sausage or "kielbasa".

Usually comes in a "2-pack" in which the two pieces of sausage resemble a pair of Donkey Penii laid parallel to each other and are ready to cook.

Hey hon, what's for supper?

What? Donkey dick 'n' taters again?

by ButtFuzz November 13, 2006
My boyfriends slong
man you got a huge huge donkey dick!
by leigh December 09, 2003
What Barb Desessa and Jean Strippoli and any other bitch teacher that teaches at St. Angelas has.
Holy Fuck, Susan has a donkey dick down to her damn ankles!
by kevin April 12, 2005

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