A 16 oz. or 22 oz. beer can--referred to as this because it resembles the large cock of a donkey.
I love the feeling of having a huge donkey dick in my hand.
by PPabs September 21, 2003
a person who you know sucks cock but doesn't want to admitt it
"shut up you donkey dick"
by Sh3 Wh0 KnOwS All January 19, 2009
The cherry of your cigarette being abnormally long as a result of taking too long of a drag.
You donkey dicked my cigarette, asshole!
by sonnytruelove October 12, 2008
This term is used by some Rednecks, referring to Summer Sausage
Hey Duane! Cut up that donkey dick, so we can eat!
by Matt Whiteside January 16, 2008
A really really REALLY large bud of Cannabis Sativa.
Jared whipped out a donkey dick and forty Rastafarians passed out before it was half smoked.
by Mentally Guitarded March 21, 2006
What peta and kyle like to tell each other they have when their gargling each other's balls.
Kyle: You want me to gargle your sac? Then say I have a donkey dick.
Peta:Oh yeah. I'm a fag and you havea big ass donkey dick!
those humongous tips people put on thier Honda's exhaust to make them as loud as they can possibly be.
check out john's donkey dick. must've traded his riding lawn mower for that car.
by NateHam September 06, 2005
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