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a penis large enough to could hurt someone, not only during the act of sexual intercourse, but also by slapping it across some shylock's face
"donkey dicks waver in the summer breeze"

"ouch, my shylock face was just thwacked by a wavering donkey dick!"

"my penis is the size of the eiffel tower...i shall name it, Sir Donkey Dick"
by Gnome November 21, 2005
54 60
a term used to describe those with little or no intelligence
oh Martin , you such a donkey-dick!
by Dave3152 February 14, 2008
4 14
A huge cronic nugget, the size and shape of a donkey's dick.
Man, nice plant. Look at that donkey dick nugget on top. I can't wait to smoke that.
by Dr. Dumazz August 13, 2008
26 39
a term used to describe the sexual organs of an impressive male.

also, a sourthern english dialect for the common household carrot .
wow, he really is a donkey dick!


cor, no wonder this soup tastes so good, its full of donkey dick!
by andyt December 08, 2005
24 38
Army slang c. 1970s. A flashlight with a long, semiconical red illuminated extension for use after dark to direct traffic without violating light safety restrictions (because red light doesn't travel as far as white or other colors). Named because of its ostensible resemblance to an extended, erect, unsheathed donkey penis.
The MP's directed traffic around the wreck with donkey dicks.
by ForbesK April 12, 2006
39 54
snowboarders term refering to a small (usually about a foot long) horizontal part at the end of a sloped handrail
"imma have a hard time hitting this rail cuz im a noob and it has a donkey dick
by DallasRaines September 24, 2008
42 58
An Electrovoice RE20 dynamic microphone.
"Let's put a donkey dick on that kick drum."
by strangersdieeveryday February 22, 2009
17 35