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A random faggot you see when you are walking and feel like fucking up physically or mentally...preferably verbally.

A pussy that has no balls and must be ragged on if seen, failure to do so will result in immediate disrespect and gayness of the spectator.
FRANKLIN: Do you know who Woody is?
RALPHI: Yes, I do! He's that pussy shit bitch that I was recently acquainted with. Dito, Uribe, and Bobby were with me when I encountered him.
FRANKLIN: Oh! Really. Do you hold him in high esteem?
RALPHI: Actually, quite the contrary, he is a pussy shit bitch. I saw him and noticed that he was jamming a vibrator up his ass and decided to stick him in the face and he lay prostrate on the floor begging for forgiveness. At that moment, being so fragile and debilitated, Dito held him down on the floor while Bobby and Uribe beat the shit out of him and shoved the vibrator back in his ass.
FRANKLIN: He must really be a pussy shit bitch then.
by Ralphi June 01, 2007
Abbreviation for You Are The Biggest Pussy I Know. One of the newest, most disgraceful words in the english language provoking feelings of deep despair and suicidal thoughts. The person being "raved" on is made a social outcast and complete bitch to people in his/her life. The term refers to a person just being a pussy, but since there is so much emphasis in saying that the person is a pussy, the fag getting wrecked must inquire as to why a person or group of people hate him that much. For this reason, the person feels that he/she must kill him/herself, and with valid reason.
Alex: Hey guys! Want to go out tonight for some drinks?
Augie: Are you sure you want to do that?
Alex: Yea of course! Why?
Augie: Because the last time you had a beer in your hands you nursed that shit until it got warm.
Alex: Screw you dude.
Augie: You were tipsy when you took two sniffs of your beer you pussy.
Bobby: Yea you were pretty gay.
Dito: And I saw you make out with some dude with a scarf in the bathroom.
Ralph: Will you please just come out of the closet and admit that you're gay already? We all saw gay porn on your computer.
Alex: Screw you guys, I'm going to play online poker.
Dito: No wait! You can come as long as you don't finger yourself in the corner of the bar like you did last time.
Bobby: And you have to take the vibrator out of your ass before we go.
Alex: Fuck you guys I'm not going.
Ralph: I knew it, YATBPIK.
by Ralphi April 08, 2010
A name given to a person who acts in a manner adverse or inconsistently to the situation at hand or with people present. At that, this person has opened him/herself to the utmost radical degree of criticism. This most likely results in the person killing him/herself. At best, this person abstains from any kind of contact with any person due to the fact that everyone would most likely want to donkey punch him/her.
Alex: Hey guys what's up!
Dito: Nothing much man just chilling having some drinks.
Alex: Can I buy you a pitcher of your choice please? After all you invited me to this bar.
Dito: Hey Bob, come over here. Is this guy gay?
Bob: No man, I'm pretty sure he's just a donk.
Dito: Oh okay, I was about to stick him in the face.
Alex: Hey! thats not ni...
by Ralphi September 12, 2010
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