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more than one donut
"I would like 4 doni"
"What is doni"
"It means more than one donut, fucker."
by Dunkin Donut February 16, 2009
One of a kind. This greek god came about in the early 20th century. Terped his way down past the mountains, strafe awping all the noobs spawn camping in their homes. This god is a pre war cainor and is known to often shoot ppl 'in the eye'. On top of all this the intelligent Donis has made wallhacking in online e-sluting a sinch.
eP boys: shutup blonde.
by malaka January 12, 2004
Pro Cyber Athlete
"donis ur so good can u sign my mousepad" says a random
by kiki January 12, 2004
Short for "What are you doing now?"

Doni was a mistake made in an AIM conversation. Instead of asking "What are you doing?", the person decided to shorted it to "Doin?". But, they happened to make a mistake and type "Doni?". From that point forward they coined the phrase "Doni?", not ony becasue they were otaku and it sounded japanese, but just because it sounded cool.
Matt: Doni?
Jamie: Ur mom
Jamie: lmfao
Matt: ...
Matt: lol
by King Of All Cosmos (Jamie Burke) January 30, 2005
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