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A penis with rotor blades attached, such that it is capable of flight. Typically remote-controlled and used to harass speakers at Russian political rallies.
Guy 1: Hey man, have you seen what happened to Garry Kasparov?
Guy 2: Naw, what happened?
Guy 1: Someone flew a dongcopter into his political rally
Guy 2: Ahh, that must suck for him
by aceofhearts412 May 20, 2008
An aerial phallus. They congregate at press conferences. Advanced models are capable of mid-air insertion. See also: helicockter.
His speech was crashed by a dong copter.
by Un Gato July 16, 2008
N. When a man gyrates or moves his hips in such a way as to create a whirling motion with his penis similar to that of a helicopter. note: this is a secret maneuver of the genitals that most women are not aware of.
Aww, shit, man, my girlfriend saw my dongcopter while I was in the bathroom!
by Mumphrey February 01, 2006

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