Used to describe when something is finished or completed. Can also be used to describe an overly intoxicated individual.
The girl had 2 cups of hunch punch and was completely done-zo!
by Red_Head July 10, 2008
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an exclamation to be used when finished wtih something
"i'm donezo! no more for me."
by me December 15, 2004
1. To be completely feed up with something and not give a shit anymore.
2. Used to let someone know they are either drunk and shouldn't drink anymore, (2a)or they've dont something wrong and are gonna get the shit kicked out of them.
1. I hate art school, I'm donezo.
2. Dude, Josh is fighting a dog, he needs to go home he's donezo.
2a. Did you just take my beer?!?! That's it, you're face is DONEZO!!!
by Welge October 10, 2006
An exasperation of finality usually used when someone finally puts their foot down.
1. I don't need this shit..I'm DONEZO!
by busbyus November 03, 2006
When something great comes to an end.
I had some great times and great memories. This summer is donezo.
by Hu_Jia August 17, 2006
Donezo To be thoroughly, physically, and completely done.
Last night at the party I was totally donezo.
by Anj-a-licious March 10, 2008
A term meaning for when you're done with something. commonly used for smoking weed.
Man I'm so high... I'm donezo for the night.
by chill stoner420 July 19, 2009
At the "game over" stage of drunkenness.
I was so done-zos, I don't even remember walking home.
by commamom May 03, 2009

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