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the nerdy ninja turtle with a pole, who's a genuis in life.
Wow, I think you are the Donatello of this group if you can create that thing!
by World Domination February 11, 2005
A word derived from the under-rated ninja turtle which is slang for a person with a strong work ethic who is often enjoys doing jobs such as programming, typing in captchas, and other data entry jobs.
I just hired a dozen or so Donatellos in my new office opened in India to manage all this monotonous workload in my empire.
by MrShasta March 18, 2013
Doing a donatello: to state the bleeding obvious. As in Donatello from TMNT
Friend walking up to computer with the blue screan of death, "i see windows has crashed again"
You: " nice one donatello!"

by Timmy Tondall July 10, 2008
A renowned Renaissance genius from Florence revered for his wondrous works, including the bronze David. In present times, we know Donatello as the effervescent YMer who happens to be a very skilled writer, as is exemplified in the letter she wrote to her parents as she has been attending Catholic school. A natural beauty, her honesty has helped me (or at least I hope so) improve my Internet etiquette.
Whenever I need some blunt, foolproof therapy, I suppose I'll turn to Donatello and adopt her philosophies.
by Scherbatsky* March 27, 2008
Donatello is the sovereign deity of the jungle continent Yssam, near the carebear lands of Agon. He imposes his presence on the city of Talpec as a mountain shaped like a turtles head.
He requires blood sacrifices for him to manifest his power through his followers. His future plan is to conquer all of the known lands.
I sacrificed a mount and a friend to Donatello so he´d help me smite the terror of doom in the hearts of the infidels.
by Humble priest April 23, 2009
The Green and Purple Gonja (SUPER DANK)- Tastes like a bowl of fruity pebbles. (P-Town slang for the Purps)
Hey Leonardo, pass me that donatello bleezy (blunt) and lets f**k up the Shredder.
by LDZ February 02, 2007
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