Are u domming? Comes from the root word dome as in head. Means are u giving head?
Susy are u domming?

Boy please you better gone.
by {amber} June 06, 2007
Top Definition
When your thoughts are dominated by thoughts about the future which frustrate and annoy you when they are too far off or unlikely to have any impact on your current life.

Can be used in the verb (dom).
Example 1.
Alice: In 10 years I don't want to live in Brisbane so I think I won't even try to make friends here.
Dylan: You shouldn't dom yourself like that Alice.

Example 2.
Bobby: I would destroy all my belonging to be with you, Sally. I'm upset that you wouldn't do the same.
Sally: I think your domming the situation Bobby.
by the_mrjesus April 23, 2016
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