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the act of lookinq pretty.
Everytime yu see her she's dollin.
by MissAirdnolaj July 13, 2009
1.) Living a life of extreme cuteness and flaunting it, a play on the word 'ballin.'
2.) When one loves to 'get dolled up.'
3.) The act of finding great enjoyment in playing dress-up and having fun with make-up, etc.
I didn't want to go shopping alone, so I took my dollin friend along with me.
by LitaRaye January 16, 2010
something that is really really cool. something that everyone will really like.
"oh my god that is a dollin top, whered ya get it ?"
"wow ! that was a dollin trick man"
by emiliee<3 April 15, 2008
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