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a small shitty town, that is amazingly boring. where the only thing people do is drink, smoke pot, or have sex. if you don't do anything that alters your state of mind, than you are a big fat loser & should go die, in a hole... by yourself.
you: do you want to go to muscatine?
me: do i want to get fucked up today..?
me: sure why not, what else is there to do?!
you: awesome, lets go!

by rachel burey June 27, 2008
74 66
The shittiest town in the U.S. where people just have sex, drink, and smoke because they are dumbass's with nothing better to do.
Q:Your from Muscatine?
A:yes, i have no life outside of stupid shit
by skatersfordick March 05, 2009
21 70