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Surfing urban dictionary
I've been surfing urbandictionary.com doing homework for two hours.
by John A December 06, 2004
10 28
When James and Jennifer get together on long summer nights and have wild, raunchy sex.
"I'm going to be doing homework all summer long."
by Ashizzie June 09, 2006
56 25
code for smoking pot
: "where were you 3rd period?"
: "i was doing homework with sam."
by xschfiftehfive November 30, 2006
18 8
An inconspicuous manner of telling another that you are leaving to go masturbate.
Hey man, sorry I couldn't go to the strip club with you. I was doing homework.
by ja1ck October 17, 2011
6 0
what to tell your parents you are doing when you are jerking off
"I need help son!"
"i can't mother i am doing homework"
by A2K February 18, 2003
22 29