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An inconspicuous manner of telling another that you are leaving to go masturbate.
Hey man, sorry I couldn't go to the strip club with you. I was doing homework.
by ja1ck October 17, 2011
the act of shoving a really hard, dried out turd into the ass of another then taking it out and placing it into the gouch of any random person.
"Hey Jeffie, are you ready for the plywood derby because my partner and I are rearin to go."
by ja1ck May 14, 2010
To be randomly attacked by a younger new student for an extremely retarded, insignificant, or pointless reason.
Ignacio- "Dude, that new kid, Gabe, Nacarrato-ed me."
Brendan-"Why did he do that?"
Ignacio-"Apparently we wear similar shirts and he ain't down with that."
Brendan-"That kid is a moron."
Ignacio-"That's the second time this week! On Monday he Nacarrato-ed me for accidentally bumping him in the lunch line."
Brendan-"How unfortunate. I sure am glad I'm not part of this predicament. Now I'm gonna go have intimate relations in a Biblical sense."
by ja1ck October 17, 2011

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