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The year 11 version of MC/GC. Used to refer to "deals" but in a boganish/woggish way, takes the place of any verb.
Gr8 doils if you know what I faaaaaaaaaaaaaakin mooooooooooooin
Oy doilface, I gotta go to doiltown, I'll be back before doiltoim.
by MC-Jihad June 08, 2007
A word that originates from 'Deal', which can be used in order to express current plans, feelings, emotion and sexual acts on the asshole.
-What a great fuken Doil
-Its not a big Doil
-Oh id love to do a Doil on Petrella's ringhole
-I foil like ive been completely doiled up
by Craig Dool June 11, 2008
When a girl shits out of her vag.
Dude last night me and this hoe were fuckin and when we were done she took a huge doil in front of me.
by Jen Poo April 06, 2008

Doubled Over In Laughter

An alternative to LOL

Originating from the computer of Nate Sexton.
As LOL sux, DOIL is awesome!
by Nate Sexton March 05, 2004

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