Doidge- 1. The act of penetrating an elderly, diseased man in his fresh, tight sphincter and withdrawing on ejaculation and spaffing on a dart board. The act of mating with a Grandma and ejaculating into said Grandma.
'Dude, I had a great doidge last night'
'Hey man, did you just doidge on my camel?'
by Mr Doidge February 04, 2013
Top Definition
A 'doidge' may be defined as a male who prioritises spending time with any female, whether it be a girlfriend, potential girlfriend, wife, or mother, over spending time with his mates. The verb form of such a crime is known as 'doidging' or 'doidging off'.
1) "I invited Irons to the pub tonight, but he's seeing his girlfriend again!"

"He's such a doidge."

2) "Rory's doidging off again rather than coming out with us."
by Led on the Lesh December 26, 2008
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