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The act of arousing and satisfying your dog (or cat), by gently rubbing their genitals with your fingers (or tongue if you wish) while sitting on the sofa watching an episode of Eastenders.
"So what did you get up to last night?"
"I stayed in a gave Rover a good old dogwank before letting him lick his jizz off my hand and face"
by Pants-O-Matic March 09, 2004
A useless, unreliable, human specimen who lets you down, uses you and is completely rubbish
Men are total dogwank
by Nixsta June 03, 2006
a dog having a wank. sometimes for prolonged periods of time if they don't have balls
sarah: "harry's having a dog wank in the middle of the garden"
emma: "serious? dude that's top!"
sarah: "nah"
by sarah July 18, 2004