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When a girl grabs your balls while your fucking her from behind.
Hey bitch, you better be doggy bagging!
by Poo Plog January 24, 2011
5 2
The act of inserting the scrotum into an orifice (vaginal or anal) during doggy style sex.

If only one testicle is inserted, it is termed a Lance.
Ted: Ever tried doggy bagging?
Bill: Dude, I totally doggy bagged my girlfriend last night.
Ted: Excellent! One or two?
Bill: One ... I Lanced her.
by Daggy Bogans September 26, 2010
14 12
Pulling the blankets or a pillow over a girl's face so you don't have to look at her.
Rick got drunk and hooked up with a real butterface, but he doggy bagged that shizzle, so it's all good.
by Rick James March 25, 2004
25 24
The game of hiding a used condom in a sexual partner's handbag or purse after intercourse.

The name derives from the slang word for taking a meal from a restaurant home in a bag, but replacing the meal with semen, and the paper or plastic bag, with a condom for the recipient to 'Take home for later'
Dude, I did this chick, she had know idea i was doggybagging her after we finished, gave her a little surprise for later
by El guyo February 15, 2011
1 3