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Term used in off-road motorcycle riding when the rider reaches a difficult area of terrain and loses traction such that they have to dismount and push the bike while it is running.
Man, that hill was so friggin' steep, I was doggin it up the last 50 feet!
by chaz360 December 09, 2010
14 22
to put down something
Beth: Bobby was doggin my drawing.
Max: He just hatin cuz
it's better than his.
by Charity November 02, 2003
124 41
1. Going after something very deliberately; trying to acheive or gain something.

2. Persistently asking for something.
Yo man, you know Veronica has been doggin for yo numba since the party last week.
by Tray Tray April 16, 2010
39 24
a "pet name" for a dog (pun somewhat intended), like how some people call their dogs "pup pup".
Come here, my lil doggins. Sweet doggins.
by hippie lynne December 02, 2011
14 3
A slang term for having a deep 360 degree wave pattern on one's head.
"See my waves nigga?, my shit doggin'"
by TJ Gage May 12, 2008
8 13
a script monkey

see also: risky shizzle
man that doggins, he is one big ass script monkey
by clowmanus February 25, 2004
10 15
Australian slang;(Verb) leaving or going somewhere, synonym for going
"im doggin mate"
"ok, no worries mate, cya round"
by UnclePaulie October 23, 2008
17 23
to give it a halfassed attempt
During the run, Joe was doggin' it the last 100 yards.
by Yoint April 30, 2004
8 15