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A small foam pad with Velcro straps used to cover the sharp steering stem of a BMX bicycle, thus hopefully preventing ball-busting injury in the event of a crash. Popularized in the 1980's, they have fallen out of favor in more recent years secondary to the fact that they are not considered cool, and they don't really work anyway.
Hey dude...that's a rockin' nard guard you got there. Now all you need are some elbow pads and training wheels and you'll be ready for Pee Wee's Playhouse!
by chaz360 October 02, 2010
#1: Old-school term for Premium/high octane fuel.

#2: Also more modernly used as slang term to note things of high quality.
#1: Fill-er-up with high test, dude...Groovy!

#2: Man, that guitar is friggin' high test! If I only had the three grand to buy it...
by chaz360 October 02, 2010
Term used in off-road motorcycle riding when the rider reaches a difficult area of terrain and loses traction such that they have to dismount and push the bike while it is running.
Man, that hill was so friggin' steep, I was doggin it up the last 50 feet!
by chaz360 December 09, 2010

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