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A cult dedicated to tiny, hot, white girls getting fucked by one or more hefty black men with enormous penises.
Holy Shit! Check those two! Dogfart Bizzness! BO!
by surge January 14, 2003
The noise coming out of a little white girl's punani when she gets fucked from behind, aka doggystyle, by a black monsterdong. Synonym for pussyfart.
Technically, each time the big schlong penetrates the white girl's fanny, it pushes air into the vagina. This pumping and pushing creates a wet sucking noise, resembling a fart. The bigger the dong and the tinier the pussy, the bigger the decibels.

A group of black monsterschlongs who made it their trademark of digging tiny white chicks, decided to name their website after the phenomenon of the dogfart.
"Vrrrooot-phweeshh-brroattt", did you hear that, she just gave us her first dogfart.
by Giannifurioso December 22, 2005
One of the foulest odors known to man. Occasionally known to be lethal. As many other poisonous creatures, dogs are also immune to their own toxic odor. And typically are unaware of releasing said toxin. As it makes no audible sound upon its release.
Guy 1: Dude! That was one nasty dog fart!

Guy 2: We better get out of here.
by The Killer Squirrel June 24, 2009
The act of an African American man having sex with a caucasian woman. Also refered to as BDWC.
My favorite type of porn is dog fart
by Mike Oncley September 29, 2006
A fart that smells like a combination of dog food and a really smelly heavy fart, particularly after eating something you don't normally eat.
Jeezus that dog fart's awesome!
Yeah think it was the fish paste sarnies at the reception. . .

If you dogfart like that again I'm going to puke
Sorry, how do ya think I feel having to sit in it?!
by Yesyoucangoto July 19, 2016
when you spread your cheeks to fart silently, like a dog which has no cheeks.
Joe spread his cheeks to dogfart in bed silently without disturbing his wife.
by slopecarver March 09, 2015
Another name for a food dish that is commonly known as "Beans and Weiners". It derives the name "dog" from the ingredient called "hot dog" and the name "fart" from the widely known side effects of eating beans. It is a great name to use to get toddlers interested in trying them. I coined this phrase about 5 years ago while playing with my kids. We have also been known to call these "Franks Beans". We coined this phrase after watching Men In Black and they kept showing Frank the dog, with his balls showing.
When I serve Beans and weiners or Franks and beans I call them Dog Farts.
by Prison Duck January 03, 2011
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