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An expulsion of trapped air from the vagina after an act of sexual intercourse or, less commonly, vigorous cunnilingus, accompanied by a loud report resembliong the expulsion of methane gas from the anus. In women with extremely prominent labia and tight vaginas, a "pussy fart" may resemble a growling noise not unlike that of a feline, which may have given rise to the term "pussy" for the female genitalia.
I was enjoyng a cigarette after banging Roz and dang! Her pussy farted loud as a howitzer and nearly blew out my smoke!
by Tunmy AuGratin February 23, 2006
1597 723
Gas expelled from the vagina after it has been thoroughly satisfied by a big hard cock or long sticky fingaz.
Right after I banged these two broads I heard a symphony of pussy farts.
by venusflytrap January 17, 2005
939 673
When a bunch of air gets trapped in a snatch after alot of fucking.
We banged for 20 minutes and then she got a case of the pussy farts.

by Will Myers June 04, 2006
157 50
1) An unwanted or embarassing noise during an otherwise thoroughly enjoyable activity.
2) An annoying braggart, an unmitigated idiot.
3) The sound of air escaping the vagina while being pistoned by a rock hard penis.
That pussyfart Del needs to get a life.
I do hope that was a pussyfart and not something else.
by frobnitz July 05, 2006
163 75
Something no one talks about in public anymore
"You know what nobody talks about in public anymore, pussy farts." George Carlin
by carlinisgod June 15, 2007
491 408
In short, Alec Baldwin.
Last time "The Edge" was on TV I realized what a huge pussy fart Alec Baldwin is.
by Lorna January 08, 2005
819 740
1. The gas expelled from a pussy during sex 2. Someone stupid beyond all limits of polite conversation
"What do you MEAN Laborde wants to fly planes? The pussyfart can't even tie his own shoes!"
by Labordehater February 09, 2003
103 36