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A guy who pisses all over the toilet and doesnt flush.
This place stinks, I'm going to beat that dogboy.
by benthere April 09, 2008
an anonymous title for an unappealing male that has the face of a dog and a tendency to indulge in drugs and alcohol
Jon is a dogboy becase he has no personality and smokes a lot of crack.
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
It is said that one should know that when you see a car go by with a dog in the front passenger seat (head in or out), that the dog thinks he's driving. A dog boy is a some one who isn't materially affecting progression without any knowledge of this ineptitude.
That guy is such a dog boy, he thinks he is running this thing but no one listens to him or cares what he says.
by craineya March 22, 2010
a person who dresses like a cowboy but isn't actually one.

the joke came about because most of these people live in the city where very little cattle exist, but household animals live. implying that instead of roping cows like a cowboy, they rope dogs.
The dogboy got into his Honda and drove off to the Keith Urban concert with his Tony Lama's on.
by theredwillow August 03, 2010
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