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A Bellingham computer repair place that offers a wide range of services - previously a firedog technician
DOF Tech: Hi! How can I help you today?
Customer: my computer is running slowly and I don't know why...
DOF Tech: Well, we at Dog On Fire offer services to remove viruses and spyware that often plauge a computers performance. Let me take a look at it with a free diagnostic so we can see whats going on!
by Dog On Fire January 28, 2009
The only computer repair place in this town except for geek squad (who would go there?! seriously..) that has online technical support. Plus, it's FREE!
dog-on-fire agent: Hi, welcome!
customer: hi.. I was wanting some repair work done..
dog-on-fire agent: great! I'm in the process of putting up an online calendar so you can tentativly schedule appointments. For now though just go ahead and describe the issues so we can figure out a solution.
customer: ...
by Justin Vail January 25, 2009

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