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a term of endearment, a put down, in reference as you being equal to a dogs nuts. a real winner.
Shut your mouth dog nuts. Ol dog nuts over here.
by dude22 October 11, 2005
Free doughnuts, still in good untouched condition, given away because they are extra and nobody else will want them or be able to eat all of them before they go bad.
"Dude, Zach and I just scored some more dognuts. The dude at Dunkin just gave them to us because he said he has to throw them away in a few hours and no one is going to buy them anyway."
by babysquirl November 15, 2012
Dog nuts are nuts that are served to dogs.

A crunchy treat.
Pedro was arrested and had his dog nuts cart confiscated until he explained he was selling nuts for dogs, not from dogs.
by scodder June 05, 2010
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