Slang term for the most boring person you could ever meet. A Dog Wanker has a tendency to try and hold a conversation with you, despite the fact you show no interest in what he has to say. A Dog Wanker will never take the hint!
"I f**king hate that guy, he's a real dog wanker."
by Irish84 October 23, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who masturbates dogs.
Von (416) is a dog wanker.
by Alex January 18, 2004
A large person who wanks his dog off
shez is such a dog wanker
by Goldenhill July 27, 2004
1. One who beats off a dog. This may include saying such words as "red rocket" while in the process.

2. One who produces "dog milk"
Kevin the dog wanker rapidly thrusted his hand over his dog's penis.
by Max S. March 31, 2004
A person you don't like very much
Johns a dog wanker
by Fredy January 31, 2003
A term of endearment for someone who has just given you a shit job or made you look like a cunt, usually said under your breath or out of earshot of the offending party,
Hey Terry, that bloke's a fuckin dog wanker.

I agree David, a dog wanker indeed.
by Fieryjack October 12, 2006

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