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Slang for pre-cum, or slippery liquid emitted from the penis prior to ejaculation.
I didn't come; that was just dog juice.
by PTFunk November 12, 2010
When a puppy/dog rubs nose all over a window leaving a residue to dry and leave a stain
Oh that is some dank Dog-juice.
by DUMBTHUMBS June 01, 2014
noun. when you are really sweaty to the point that you exude a distinct odor that can only be replicated by you. Refers to the sweat and the smell that two dogs generate after fornication.
Please take a shower now. Your dog juice is permeating the whole house!
by 808writer April 08, 2009
Dog saliva, the slober that drips from the dogs mouth.
Ohh, man, the dog got dog juice all over my car windows!
by Hootmen May 23, 2006