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Something that your future self will thank you for. Also: having successfully avoided a sticky situation.
When offering me the job, Criss Angel cut my salary request in half. Then he told me that he was doing ME a favor because working with him meant working with a celebrity and his "Magic Kids". Bahahahahah! Saying no to that was like dodging a bullet!
by julesSD October 16, 2013
Highschool/College slang meaning you didn't do an assignment/essay before the due date and something happens that pushes back the due date, which gives you time to do it.
person one: Damn, I'm lucky, I didn't do that assignment and it was due today, however school was closed. I don't know why it was closed, but I dodged a bullet!

person two: Damn, I wish I was lucky like you -.-

Face it, if dodging a bullet didn't exist, we would fail classes. everyone forgets an assignment now and then.
by X64-Brendon June 03, 2009

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