something that just is not right
duude that chicks face is dodge

id watch out for that chiken roll food here is dodge
by addicted92 November 27, 2010
Taking a shit
Yo ill be back i gotta go dodge
by t10003 October 28, 2009
Dorchester Ontario Canada
johnny: where ya from?
dave: Dodge
johnny: oh, Im sorry...
by lostreign June 27, 2006
can be used for in place of any word that you could still comprehend context
"I keep spare dodge in my pocket"
"Irina's on dodge"
"Dodge helps Allie get quick"
"Erin tastes better when shes on dodge"
by Thumper May 30, 2004
Dam old dilapidated garbge eater
It's the newer dodges
by szm119 November 03, 2008
See Synonym: shit

Related to the word shit. Refering to the Dodge brand of Motor Vehicles that are shitty.
Dude I just dropped a massive Dodge in the woods.

by josh_fucking_cates August 07, 2008
An American vehicle with limited success in quality and bad-assedness after the end of the muscle car era. Synonymous with Mopar. More commonly defined as follows

Drips Oil Drips Grease, Everywhere

Dad's Old Dead Garage Equipment

My Old Plymouth Ain’t Runnin’

Made Of Plastic And Rubber
My grandma drives a Dodge Diplomat
by Easyrider1970 June 14, 2011

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