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A nerd slang word often used as a way to "deflect" offensive jokes or uncomfortable situations.
Guy 1. "So what did you and your girl do last night?"
Guy 2. "Im just gonna dodge that."
by GutenTagFaust September 08, 2010
A nerd slang term used in the context to "undo" an event, uncomfortable situation or subject. Almost like it never happened.
Guy 1: "So I heard you and your girl got a little..."

Guy 2: "Undiscover."
Guy 1: "But I just wanna know..."

Guy 2: "I said undiscover."
Guy 1: "Fine. I see you dont wanna talk about it."
by GutenTagFaust September 08, 2010
A word used when calling bs on someone for something they said but without them noticing thus avoiding an argument.
Girl 1: Im soo hott and perfect like oh em gee!

Guy 1. Bollocks!!!
by GutenTagFaust September 09, 2010
A nerd slang term referring to thought process one uses to reach a conclusion.
Guy 1. "2+2=fish"

Guy 2. "What the...? What kind of logic are you using??"
by GutenTagFaust September 08, 2010
Definition 1: To ask someone to make you understand something. Most of the time something questionable or with no answer.

Definition 2: Asking someone if they understood or heard what you said.
Def 1- Guy 1: Can someone comperstand for me why the hell on beyblade they shoot beyblades from helicopters?
Guy 2: ...I dont know.

Def 2- Guy 1: Hey man can you get me a Dr. pepper?

Guy 2: Huh? What did you say?

Guy 1: Did you not comperstand me? I said to get me a Dr. pepper while youre up.

Guy 2: Oh ok.
by GutenTagFaust October 24, 2010
Being able to do impossible bs especially with technology.
Guy 1: : "Wait... Didnt you just get IP banned from that site?"
Guy 2: "Yep."

Guy 1: "So then how are you online?"
Guy 2: "Just cause."
Guy 1: "HAX!!! Your body is made of it."
by GutenTagFaust September 09, 2010
A word used when someone has done something unfavorable but doesnt offend any minorities.
Girl 1: "Did you just steal my food?"

Girl 2: "... Maybe."

Girl 1: "You ngr!!"
by GutenTagFaust September 09, 2010

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