Occures in online gaming when a player talks trash and then refuses to back it up when a better player challenges him to a game. The "Dodge" is often followed up with a lame excuse as to why he can't play the better player.
NoobKid: I just pwnd you AveragePlayer!
NoobKid: You suck you noob!
AveragePlayer: You got lucky, I suck on that map.
NoobKid: Your clan sucks! I pwn everyone you n00bs!
GosuClanLeader: STFU noob and 1v1 me if you think your so good!
NoobKid: Can't.
AveragePlayer: Why... you know you will lose? ROFL
NoobKid: Mom needs computer, I g2g.
GosuClanLeader: OMFG! dodge me more plz!
AveragePlayer: ROFL!! Biggest dodge I've ever seen.
by mac6433 April 13, 2005
Acronym for Drips On Driveway Greese Everywhere
My dodge is the leakest P.O.S. ever.
I resurfaced my drive way with the leaks that come from my dodge.
My dodge leaks so much its parking space has become a super fund site.
John Kerry drives a dodge.
by fuji_302 October 15, 2004
(1)manufacturer of the "Decrepit", a full-size sedan notorious for making more road noise than a go cart, cheap ass plastic that breaks during standard use, eats brake pads and linings like they were marshmallows.
(2) see "Check Engine".
If you want to get to know your car repairman on a first-name basis, buy a Dodge.
by Rick August 08, 2003
piece of shit vehicle
god damn it, your dodge is a piece of shit
#shit #crap #junk #redneck #hick #gay #fag #homomobile
by someAhole June 08, 2006
Dreary Out Dated Grandpa Engineering
by Mark Potter July 17, 2003
An obliverated transmission waiting to happen
(Man On side of road) - My peice of shit dodge is only 4 years old with 47,000 miles yet somehow im on the side of the road waiting for triple A because the warranty expired at 30,000 and daimler chrysler sucks dick. :|
#dodge #daimler crysler #gay #truck #dakota #ram
by Razors3dge December 02, 2006
A name for a rather strange human, usually male who harbours a rather perculiar liking for farting in the company of others, and inappropriate moments ie during sex, and while at church.
Te farting are also usually accompanied by a rather unattractive facial expression.
Your in bed, about to get dodwn n dirty when your male partner does a "dodge" and farts, followed by him exclaiming, rather loudly "ooopppps"!
#male #filthy #rude #body functions #gross
by Emma-Louise August 28, 2006
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