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A word used by some people who are meaning to say obliterated-to remove or destroy-commonly used in place of intoxicated. ObliVerated is not a word. In fact, when writing this definition, obliverated is underlined in red.
Oh man I got so obliverated last night. Wrong

Oh man I got so obliterated last night.
by atiekg March 01, 2009
To become oblivious to anything and everything due to drinking too much alcohol.
She was so obliverated she threw up on my shoe.

I was so obliverated I thought that guy was hot, then I woke up in the morning and realized, he was the opposite of hot.
by JessieRocksAllSocks May 31, 2007
A cool new Ghetto way of sayin Obliterated. (Because v>t)
Damn! Sunab got obliverated in that black hole!
by 4pac April 18, 2005
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