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A platform into which you can install a penis. Male, female, mouth, vagina, or asshole.
She's not that hot, but she'll do just fine as a docking station.
Foley was looking for a docking station on IM.
by bkdouble October 05, 2006
When a man with an un-circumcised penis, rolls his extra skin on a circumcised man's penis. Looks like an anteater eating a bratwurst, or a tan snake eating another tan snake
I really want to have a docking station right now.
by bigballer2331 October 16, 2010
When a male lines his anus up with a woman's vagina and shits in her. It may be necessary to get a 'turtle head' before attempting this procedure to ensure the maximum deposit.
After eating a heaty meal Stan felt the need to give his woman a large docking station before taking her doggy style.
by Klarsh November 02, 2008
The act of two men placing their penises into both sides of a Chinese finger trap.
Dan:Hey man want to meet up at my place and test out my new docking station?
Cody:Sure just don't tell anyone.
by buttafingaboi December 26, 2013
A docking station can be referred to as the act of when a male lines his anus up with a female's vagina and proceeds to do a bowel movement inside of her. She can then proceed to variables of the more advanced positions like the cleaveland steamer.
After Jack finished the docking station into Jill's vagina, she then squatted above him and sheefed onto his chest.
by Shmoshmech February 02, 2009
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