what sasuke says to show his love to naruto
sasuke:talk to me dobe
by andi is awesome June 17, 2008
Top Definition
The Japanese slang word for "Idiot" or "dead last". Used along with usuratonkachi and teme in the Anime "Naruto."
You need to open the bottle first, dobe.
by Seira April 23, 2007
1;Someone who really naive

2;That idiot freind of yours that you have know for years
And even though he gets on everyones nerves, you still stay with him cause hes your friend.
Me: he is such a dobe
You: yhea I know right?
by bandmluv January 16, 2008
While intoxicated, to piss and throw up on someone's floor, then run away without cleaning it up or telling anyone.
Dude, Andy just pulled a fuckin dobes in my kitchen.

I'll kick your ass if you get too drunk and dobes in our house.
by Rudy J. P. May 21, 2006
a good friend, similar to hommie
Hey dobe, what going down?
by nick September 07, 2004
1- A little bit of food left over.

2- Any small unidentifiable objects.
1 - "I call dobes."

2 - "What are these dobes all over my clothes?"
by DF February 24, 2005
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