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dead on balls accurate
that band was so tight last night they were doba
by joenbd December 19, 2005
17 8
Douchebag- the college fratboy type who likes to lift weights, talk about lifting weights, wear white sunglasses, and eat at the incredibly mediocre burrito restaurant Qdoba- or as they insist on calling it: "Doba".
You should have seen this guy on my flight to Vegas last night- dude was wearing white Oakleys, an Affliction shirt, and blasted Black Eyed Peas music the whole flight.

God, what a Doba.
by TurkeyDog July 03, 2011
10 3
a slang for the subway-style mexiacn restaurant Q*Doba.
I just maxed on this burrito from doba.
by $ull$ February 15, 2009
13 6