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A Slang for Disneyland employee's meaning Disney's California Adventure, A Disney owned theme park, right next to disneyland.
Hey, I'm working at DCA tonight at Tower of Terror.
by Instinct July 02, 2006
19 9
to make a stupid comment. to be stupid.
Person 1: "Milk comes from cows?
Person 2: "Duh, wow DCA much?
by dcayeah December 20, 2008
12 5
During a make out session, if the boy, or dominant female, puts his or her hands down their partners pants, but feels the cheek of the buttock instead of the partners genitals, that is Direct Cheek Action.
"I was hooking up with this girl tonight and her dad walked in to see me getting some D.C.A."
by He who makes it rain January 30, 2010
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