DJ, is a phenonomin of the formation of the secret bond bewteen two people. This bond includes a secret handshake and a very special way of life. All members of the DJ names must begin with the letters D or J and everything they do must also start with D or J. Dinosour jelly is commonly eaten amunst DJ's and their home town google is a great place to listen to songs such as 'I dont want to rock DJ' and 'Murder on the Dance floor' two common songs amusnt DJ's.
To DJ is to be super frekin awesomly cool and to have the power of the secret handshake.. i.e. DJ!! roarrr
by The first official DJ June 23, 2009
Short for "disc jockey". Those on the radio tend to fill the time between songs with nonsense information that is irrelevant or the weather.
Those that spin discs tend to suffer inexplicably from a random happiness for no particular reason.
1. That dj is playing some whack music
2. The guy who announces on that radio station is a crap dj
by bridgenie August 21, 2005
A person trying to make others believe he or she is having a good time hoping everybody will follow.
This DJ looks like he's having a great time, this party is so plastic.
by Myne November 08, 2006
1) (v) to be kicked in the balls
2) (n) disk-jockey
Dude! she DJed him bad, i don't think he'll ever have kids

That stupid DJ is getting on my nerves! He should play better songs
by derlandtag November 04, 2006
Upon entering high school, the definition of a DJ changes and becomes something entirely different. Before, a DJ was the man who played songs at school discos, but now, a DJ is any chav who talks fast and thinks they can "mc". DJ's often give themselves names, such as: DJ Frizzle, DJ Bling or Bad Boy DJ Raz.
Chav 1: Dat woz a wel mintd parti innit!
Chav 2: Ye n dat DJ woz blingin, mon!
Chav 1: Wot woz iz naym? Coz I mite gt im 2 mc at mi nxt
Chav 2: DJ Mudsling Match n iz m8 wer gd on da deckz 2, DJ
Propa Silk.
by i love frank December 19, 2005
In Biking terms simply, DIRT JUMP, to jump from one mound of dirt to another,usually involing alot of crashing.usually preferred by people who dont want to spend money on a full suspenion bike.djing is performed on a HT(hardtail) usually.
Skater: gay mountain biker get out of the skatepark and go hit some dj's.
by MitchB February 28, 2006
1. Short for disc-jockey.
2. aka douchebags who hog up air time in weekday mornings bullshitting their opinions people could care less about.
3. aka chodebaits who talk too much instead of playing music
Being a DJ is a cheezy way to earn money next to selling weed.
by lil' jon March 11, 2005
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