dick, penis, cock, rooster
suk my dizzle
im with dizzle -->
his dizzle goes fizzle wen he wizzles!!
by Pop goes tha Noodle!! August 20, 2005
something that's good
tastes good
feels good
looks good, anything
this clams casino is the dizzle!
by aretha February 11, 2005
Word meaning one who is "the shizzle"; one who is very important.
yo Bizzle, this nizzle hurr is tha dizzle!
by BroDizzle foshizzle November 19, 2003
Doo as part of a phrase. Used by Snoop on MTV
Yabba Dabba Doo
Yabba Dabba Dizzle
by AJ June 20, 2003
dumb clown dorks added wit a izzle
yo dizzle,i'll paint ya face white
by poop January 23, 2003
a person you have sex with outside of the sex you have with your significant other.
That ain't my girl, that's just some dizzle I did last night.
by Lee-bizzle October 04, 2005
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